Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Tempo Run

Yesterday was my very first official training run for the Disney Goofy Challenge.  I just finished reading Run Less Run Faster and loved many of the components of the training plan.  However, I am planning on running both a half and a full marathon in one weekend and the only way to prepare for that level of mileage is to spend time on my feet.  I do plan on using RLRF for my next race (whatever that may be).  Instead I am following Bart Yasso's perfect 10 marathon training plan (for newbies) for Disney. Although I have completed 2 full marathons before, I did not train very well for either one, so I still consider myself a newbie for the distance.  Yesterday's run was a Tempo workout: 15 minute warm up 30 minute @ MP and 15 minute cool down.  Since I had just read through RLRF, I decided to use the numbers in the chart to help decide what my pace should be, otherwise I would have just been guessing.  I know that I am incapable of maintaining my own pace without staring at my watch. My perceived effort always seems to be the same despite how hard/fast I'm actually moving.  (On race day, I typically follow a pace crew which I highly recommend!)  To ensure that I had a quality workout, I went over to the YMCA and ran on the treadmill.  

I don't have any real recent race times and I am in the process of getting my running strength back after a year hiatus, so I broke some RLRF rules in deciding my pace.  I opted to choose my one and only 5k time from 2009.  (29:20). Going into the run, I decided that if it seemed like death, I would modify my pace. I started my 15 minute warm up at 5.3 (11:19) then moved up to 6.3 (9:30ish) for the 30 minute tempo before cooling down back at a 5.3.  

I felt great.  I did stop twice to drink some water, I can usually drink on the run, but while hogging a treadmill for an hour, I didn't want to make a mess and be given any more dirty looks than I already received. I was surprised at how good I felt despite the obvious increase in speed compared to many of my other recent longer runs.  I felt my first runners high in a long while.  I feel far more confident than I did when I wanted to die on my 6 mile run a few weeks ago. 

After my run, I decided I would go look for new/additional running shoes.  I am not completely due for a new pair, but since I am leaving the country on Monday, I was hoping to find an additional pair to have with me while I travel and train.  I have a funny foot (small, high arch, and wide) so it's hard for me to find shoes that my feet endorse.  I've been running in Nike Pegasus for at least 5 pairs (maybe more but definitely since 2009).  I have no complains with them, but I like to see what is available.  I went to my local Fleet Feet store to see what they had, but they only had one style of shoes that came in wide and they looked and felt like moon shoes.  I decided to check out DSW because they tend to carry great running shoes at discount and will occasionally carry wide.  It seems that fate had determined that I continue running in Pegasus for at least few more months, because in the clearance area for 40% were my exact shoes;  a lovely size 6 W.  They were only $50 dollars and my awesome mother offered to pay for them, so saying no was not an option. Cheers to new shoes, even when they're the same as the old ones.

New sneakers are slightly less exciting when they're exactly the same

I finally finished the puzzle I've been working on for a few weeks and unfortunately I managed to lose a piece. It's highly likely that it's somewhere near the scene of the crime, but I can’t seem to find it yet.  It's also possible it was missing from the start since I got the puzzle on clearance from Borders.  I am a bit bummed, because this is probably my favorite puzzle I've done, especially since one of my life goals is to visit all of the United States National Parks, but regardless it is done and cool looking.


  1. I can totally relate to your comment about new shoes being less exciting when they are exactly the same. I've been buying the same model of Asics for several years now. I know it's important to keep buying new shoes, but it just seems crazy to keep buying the same ones, doesn't it?

  2. I'm totally hitting up DSW when I get home, being away on research, not knowing the area, and not having a gym is so irritating. I'm so ready to get home and run! Are the Pegasus shoes one of the pairs that syncs up with the pace tracker thingy people use?