Monday, July 11, 2011

Short Term Goals

This past(academic) year was not kind to my running motivation. I was so defeated by work, both physically and mentally, that running became a chore instead of an outlet. Since summer break has begun I have been able to get back in the swing if things, slowly yes but my desire to run is back. I'm excited to set new goals, run new races, and challenge myself to the next level as I take a few months off from gainful employment.

I realized earlier this evening, that while I know Washington dc has a large running community, I unfortunately was not apart of it and I am no longer surrounded by runners like I was in San Diego. Back in California, it was hard to fall off the wagon when everyone else was running and completing races. Since I will be living a slightly nomadic lifestyle,and it maybe a while until I find more running friends,I have gone to the next best thing, bloggers. I spend the better half of my evening checking out blogs to follow and to read up on in hopes of adding some motivation and a new group of runners to connect with.

I also took some time to figure out some short term goals to focus on before leaving the US
1. Run 4-5 days a week ( I don't work. There are no excuses)
2. Run a 5k (I picked one out of 8/21)
With running the 5k I have 4 goals:
1. Make it to the race injury free
2. Have fun!
3. Finish in under 30 minutes
4. Finish in under 25 minutes (pushing it goal...)

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