Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Things

Sometimes on my run, I notice everything.  A few days ago, while running along the Thames, I noticed a man in the bushes painting a landscape, I passed a couple of men fly fishing, and rowing teams practicing.  I also saw this sign.
what exactly is anti-climb paint?

My run itself wasn't anything impressive but everything I noticed around me made the run more memorable.

Yesterday, I had an entirely different run. I remember very few of the details of the actual run.  I went out and was feeling a bit sluggish after a late night.  After a bit, I warmed up and realized that I was working hard.  I hadn't planned on upping my pace, but I was definitely running and not jogging.   On the way back, I raced a car,  I don't think the driver knew we were racing (and I was on the sidewalk) but there was a bit of traffic and my goal was to see how far I could get before he passed me.  I almost made it back to the house, but unfortunately the driver won.  ( Thankfully he couldn't gloat) At the end when I finally checked my Nike + I had maintained a 10:23 pace!  Which still isn't the 9:30 pace I had for 3 miles before, but it is progress from the 11s and 12s I've been dealing with lately.  My confidence is backup, I know I may still have some slow days and it'll still be a long road until I'm back at the level I was before injuries and burn out, but the runners high has most certainly returned!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading your posts! I lived in London for a while in college and I am dying to make my way back!