Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Irish Goodbye

Although my family is mostly Irish and Italian, we only follow a few of the cultural traditions.  For the most part, we follow American traditions with a slight variation that is more family based than cultural based.  It seems however, that I have developed that habit of mastering the Irish Goodbye. While many people have mastered this while out drinking, I seem to have incorporated it into everyday life as well.  When I initially moved from NY to San Diego, I didn't tell people when I was leaving.  My closest friend found out that I actually left via Facebook.  While people may feel that I didn't care to say goodbye, that wasn't the case, it's just easier to move along. When I left San Diego for DC I did the same thing.  I said goodbye to a few people, but for the most I just left.  It seems that I'm on the path for doing it a 3rd time here from DC onward.

In today's day and age,  I see more people "online" than I do in real life anyhow, so why make a big production about it being my last day?

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