Friday, July 15, 2011


I had a busy final weeks of school that involved traveling and traveling disasters.  The weekend I went to NYC, I waited for 2 hours for my bus home ultimately getting me home at 1am instead of 10pm on a school night. (kind of my own fault for picking a late busy)  When I flew San Diego all of my flights were delayed there and on the way back the final leg of my flight was canceled in Philly ( forcing me to take a train back to the city because it was a school night... also kind of my own fault there)  After having a successful flight to Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I was determined to turn it all around.  I wasn't overly confident that my flight to London was going to go smoothly;  my last name had been misspelled on my boarding pass and I knew that I didn't have an actual seat on the flight.

I tried to stay calm about it.  I went for an exhausting 3 mile run in wicked heat and figured I'd just bum around until an appropriate time to head to the airport.  Then a giant thunderstorm hit.  Now I was paranoid about making it to the airport in time via public transportation and rush hour traffic and that flights would be a mess because surely some people missed their connections and what not.  Rather than just sitting around and quietly panicing around the Brezner's apartment (who were so wonderful to let me crash for the evening)  I started to make my way to Dulles.  I was shocked to walk up to the United Terminal and see that there was no line what so ever, typically the international check in is a complete mess.  I checked in with no problem despite my name not being spelled correctly.  I opted to hang on to my bag, because until I was confirmed with a seat, it would be flying standby (and most likely not actually getting on the correct flight).  I breezed through TSA ( which saved me the $250 that the airline wanted to charge me for changing the spelling of my name) and proceeded to my gate roughly 3 hours early.  

I spent most of the time chatting with some other travelers near me and waiting to be given a seat.  I felt like a contestant on the Bachelor waiting for that final rose.  Lucky for me, just before we started to board I noticed my lovely misspelled last name on the cleared list and ran to the counter.  My new favorite United employee ( sorry Michael Wyatts)  handed me my boarding pass and I had a reaction like I had just made it to Vegas round in So You Think You Can Dance. 
The flight itself was pretty easy, I was the middle seat of 5, so I promptly took 2 Dramamine and fell asleep.  I woke up a few times to re-adjust but was able to sleep for the majority of the red-eye flight.  
my seat in red... 

Much like the lyric in the new OneRepublic song,  "I woke up in London yesterday...."  It is definitely the good life.  My sister and I spent the first day walking through Hyde and Holland Park while I attempted to fight off jet lag.  I succeeded and was able to stay up until around 10:30-11pm.  Now, I've started my day with some Tea and will head out for my first run in Europe. (3 continents down 4 more to go!)

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  1. Have a wonderful time!! I hope to get to London some day soon.