Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goofy Challenge.

When I began running, I wanted my first marathon to be at Disney World. It didn't happen because I was broke and couldn't afford the travel arrangements, but I've always loved Disney and couldn't imagine a more fun race.  I moved to San Diego, which offered it's own marathon without the travel hassle and the love affair with long distance races began.  I've run a bunch of races.  5k (1), 8k(1) 10k (2) 10miler(1) 15k (1) Half Marathon (9) Full Marathon (2).  Despite my experience with racing, I don't think any of my previous races combined can truly prepare me for the madness that I have signed up for.

I had heard of the Goofy Challenge while I was still in college, and knew someday I would do it.  Add the word challenge to just about anything and count me in, I am unable to pass up the competition.  I decided that since I'll be moving to Florida in January, that this would be the perfect way to start my life down there.  I tried to recruit some friends, most are not as crazy as I am.  Fortunately, one of my closes friends is and has registered for the Goofy Challenge as well.   She's running with Teams in Training - so if you have a few bucks, support her for being a good friend and running this race AND raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

who doesn't love race medals?
On January 7th we will be completing the Disney Half Marathon and on January 8th we will complete the Disney Full Marathon. I'm still working on creating a training plan with the help of a few different resources but once I get that figured out, I'll share it with any other crazies that are participating in the Disney weekend!

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  1. You're going to have a blast there, just focus on enjoying yourself and don't worry about time. I lived in Orlando for 11 years and I can say that Disney definitely knows how to put on a good race.

    As for the cross country move, good luck! So jealous you're moving to my old *home* state!