Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smiling today because

A year ago, I began tracking something that made me smile each day.  Sometime it was something meaningful, other it might have just been that gossip girl was a good episode.  This year was a challenge, so I am thankful that I happen to keep track of this year in particular, and hopefully see some of the positives of this year.  I haven't decided if I'll continue to keep track of the good, but I suspect I will.  But for now, here are 363 ( there are two days that I missed....)  of things that made me happy.

I'm smiling today because....

Daily Reasons to Smile :)

6/21/10: longest day of the year, enjoyed burgers & beers with friends and randomly running into a friend from high school.
6/22/10: watching my high school student Carlos help tutor some 1-5th graders at my after school program. 
6/23/10: Finally got some IEP meetings scheduled that I've had a hard time with..
6/24/10: One of my LV kiddos bought me a freeze-pop!
6/25/10: Skipping work and heading to Yosemite National Park
6/26/10: Absolutely beautiful day of hiking along the panoramic trail
6/27/10: little traffic and a hot shower. back in SD
6/28/10: Successful Grunion Run!!!
6/29/10: Good day with the kiddos- starting to make progress with the little monsters.
6/30/10: Put in my notice at work!!!
7/1/10: First day of summer "break" 
7/2/10: Finally got my passing Praxis Scores!!
7/3/10: Went hot air ballooning!
7/4/10: 4th of July is my favorite Holiday.
7/5/10: County Fair to watch my student K's dance show.
7/6/10: Heading Home!
7/7/10: Phone interviews= Job Offer!
7/8/10: Catching up with Teri!!
7/9/10: Meeting my new school & catching up with DC friends & making new friends
7/10/10: Brittany's Wedding day!!!
7/11/10: Hanging out with both the P family & my family
7/12/10: Lunch with Dad & the new office
7/13/10: Slept awesome at the Westin O' Hare airport Hotel
7/14/10: Had a great run even though I felt like I was walking.
7/15/10: Made plans to go surfing when in VB
7/16/10: So much fun at double duece!
7/17/10: Finally a beach day!
7/18/10: nice dinner at bay park fishing co
7/19/10: nice dinner at bombay with friends
7/20/10: home cooked dinner
7/21/10: last day of Pryde & incahoots
7/22/10: found my running shoes! Long live Nike Pegasus! 
7/23/10: last day of AC & HH with friends
7/24/10: recieved an awesome food package from JB for the drive
7/25/10: went sailing & shooting
7/26/10: left california!
7/27/10: Visited Carlsbad Caverns & Guadalupe National Park
7/28/10: Only got a warning when driving way above speed limit!
7/29/10: Dinner with the Roberts & sleepover with MH !
7/30/10: Enjoyed a nice evening with RH
7/31/10: Went surfing & first party in DC
8/1/10: Done traveling & will be sleeping in the same place for the next 30 days.
8/2/10: Screen on the green!
8/3/10: Survived a boring day of training
8/4/10: Convo w/former student Carlos: "Do you miss me yet?" "We missed you before you left!"
8/5/10: got caught in the rain. I was a mess but it was refreshing./bought a bike!
8/6/10: delicious dinner at Carmines & out for some drinks in DC
8/7/10: went tubing in West Virginia
8/8/10: Met up with a friend & wandered around the National Mall
8/9/10: Went to the National Museum of Natural History
8/10/10: Went running!!
8/11/10: First day with all FCA staff
8/12/10: Went to friendly's!
8/13/10: Night out at mad-hatter's
8/14/10: strawberry smoothie from starbucks is delicious.
8/15/10: beautiful 8 mile run at the National Arboretum
8/16/10: reconnected with other NT at convocation
8/17/10: Fixed my bike!
8/18/10: Dinner & Drinks with Teri in Arlington
8/19/10: Nice run to Lincoln memorial
8/20/10: Happy Hour & U-Street bars with new co-workers
8/21/10: H Street Country Club!
8/22/10: Beautiful 10 mile run through the city & monuments.
8/23/10: Survived the first day of school!
8/24/10: school wasn't as chaotic. 
8/25/10: Free Pizza at staff PD
8/26/10: Half day with students & had training
8/27/10: Good night out with FPCS staff!
8/28/10: Went to the National Zoo
8/29/10: amazing sandwich from Cosi
8/30/10: 1 whole month without tv
8/31/10: started moving into new apartment
9/1/10: moved in!!
9/2/10: mental health day
9/3/10: 20 minute drive home from work!
9/4/20; pigroast
9/5/10: amazing memory brought me to jen's house
9/6/10: nat's game and they won!
9/7/10: nat's game x 2
9/8/10: made delicious dinner
9/9/10: it's thursday and im still standing. all i can ask for.
9/10/10: jazz in the garden & out with friends
9/11/10: new computer!!
9/12/10: first kickball game
9/13/10: i survived the day without walking out.
9/14/10: was observed by the district while doing a kick ass job
9/15/10: first wednesday that went by quickly
9/16/10: enjoyed a few beers & a burger with Teri
9/17/10: fun night out with some kickballers
9/18/10: h street fest & dancing with friends
9/20/10: movie night
9/21/10: good day at work
9/22/10: happy hour with sped team and kickball team
9/23/10: nothing to smile about.
9/24/10: didn't have to go into work til 10am
9/25/10: udvar hazy museum
9/26/10: followed a new recipe & it was delicious
9/27/10: bikram yoga!
9/28/10: bikram yoga day 2!
9/29/10: kickball happy hour
9/30/10: Smooth day at school
10/1/10: drove up to ny
10/2/10: spent the day with my parents
10/3/10: visited Mark!
10/4/10: went bowling!
10/5/10: NCIS reruns and a bottle of australian wine
10/6/10: watched Beauty & the Beast!!
10/7/10: went out for a run
10/8/10: Dr. Mario
10/9/10: s'mores!
10/10/10: hiking/ like a g6
10/11/10: Columbus day = no school!
10/12/10: off campus sped meeting!
10/13/10: PSATs/ UP!
10/14/10: got my visa for OZ!
10/15/10: happy hour with coworkers
10/16/10: family time in Albany
10/17/10: finished reading born to run
10/18/10: less than 2 months til australia
10/19/10: metro'ed in & ran on the mall
10/20/10: first day of testing / reading to students
10/21/10: smooth day of testing
10/22/10: group therapy with co-workers!
10/23/10: flip cup tourny
10/24/10: chatted with b rad and holleran
10/25/10: bought my halloween costume!
10/26/10: free run with out a sport watch
10/29/10: julie & co in DC!
10/30/10: rally to restore sanity and/or fear
10/31/10: lazy sunday
11/1/10:  gossip girl!
11/2/10:  nice run through the neighborhood!
11/3/10:got myself super organized at work
11/4/10: got a parking spot all week at work
11/5/10: hung out with a new friend
11/6/10: dinner party at the brezner's
11/7/10: trail running
118/10: smooth sailing at school
11/9/10: fun day with advisory girls
11/10/10: happy hour with sped people
11/11/10:outlet shopping with chang
11/12/10:  irish bar w/ryan
11/13/10:massage & wine and cheese night
11/14/10: enjoyed a nice walk to coffee & a farmers market
11/15/10: gossip girl
11/16/10: started watching lean on me in Advisory
11/17/10:Planet fitness opened!
11/18/10: made it out of work at a decent hour :)
11/19/10: realxing friday!
11/20/10: kick ball end of season party
11/21/10: slept all day. :)
11/22/10: thanksgiving pot luck at work :)
11/23/10: texting with lmc boys.
11/24/10: airport bar & met an interesting person from ichabod crane
11/25/10: thanksgiving
11/26/10: ran into a college friend at the gym
11/27/10: byo steak & team america
11/28/10: found a new running book with training logs
11/29/10: good run on the treadmill @PF
11/30/10: finally expressed concerns at school.
12/1/10: 1:30 day with students
12/2/10: 2 weeks until australia/ dinner with teachers from C Elem/Middile
12/3/10: star day
12/4/10: SATs easy 100 bucks
12/5/10: cooked delicious dinner & giants dominated the red skins
12/6/10: got lots of good sleep
12/7/10: successful target mission.  on a spending freeze until australia
12/8/10: dinner with Casey!
12/9/10: 1 week until australia / friday in terms of students/ national tree lighting
12/10/10: off site PD!
12/11/10: holiday party
12/12/10: bought my secret santa stuff
12/13/10: left work on time :)
12/14/10: dropped off my christmas gift donation
12/15/10:  pizza party in 5th block
12/16/10: despite some technical difficulties, left the United States
12/17/10: didn't exist, as i was traveling across the world.
12/18/10: Landed in OZ
12/19/10: Victorian Market
12/20/10:  saw Kanagroos in the wild!!!!
12/21/10: found Koala's in the wild!
12/22/10:walked mt. william in the Grampians
12/23/10: enjoyed a quiet little lake & some beers
12/24/10: beautiful run that ends up in the sydney harbour
12/25/10: christmas day :)
12/26/10:  tour of the opera house
12/27/10: art gallery of new south wales
12/28/10: climbed to the top of the harbour bridge
12/29/10: Bondi Beach
12/30/10: Bronte Beach
12/31/10: NYE overlooking the harbour
1/1/11: delicious recovery dinner with some interesting people
1/2/11: back in the US of A
1/3/11: found a potential replacement to Morrie's yoga class
1/4/11: ran in my new vibrams
1/5/11: slept from 6pm-6am
1/6/11: spent the day in the RISE program!
1/7/11: friday & sleep!
1/8/11: wine tasting with Teri & board game night!
1/9/11: dinner at the Telfers
1/10/11: yoga class & jessie got into town & i made chili!!
1/11/11: union street public house with dad & jessie
1/12/11: hibachi with dad
1/13/11: first date.
1/14/11: Professional development day ( & no g lo)
1/15/11: went to wiggins beach, ft myers and saw Black Swan
1/16/11: ran outside in tank top, shorts and vibrams!
1/17/11: went outlet shopping with Mom & Dad
1/18/11: 2 hour delay
1/19/11: woof.
1/20/11: double woof.
1/21/11: happy hour !
1/22/11: moved into my new room
1/23/11: spring cleaned the apartment
1/24/11: Yoga class without current music
1/25/11:OSSE PD/Ran 5.5 miles
1/26/11: early release at work due to snow
1/27/11:  Snow Day!
1/28/11: Friendly's!
1/29/11: Tried Thai for the first time
1/30/11: Marvin's
1/31/11: Met my new roommie
2/1/11: Dog Fish Head
2/2/11: Dog Fish Head 2
2/3/11: Hibachi
2/4/11: happy hour/ u street
2/5/11: U street with friends
2/6/11: went running outdoors!
2/7/11: canceled cable!
2/8/11:America I am at the National Geographic teacher preview night
2/9/11:spent the day testing a student ( less crazy)
2/10/11: had delicious spinach & artichoke dip
2/11/11: crazy day at school. got lots of sleep.
2/12/11: had a great work out with new yoga video, jillian michaels video & run!
2/13/11: watched a movie with the new roomie!
2/14/11: survived. tough day at school
2/15/11:  dinner with fleish
2/16/11: bowled a 152!
2/17/11: sweetgreen for lunch
2/18/11: hung out with a friend at Chamberlain
2/19/11: new 10k pr despite terrible running conditions
2/20/11: found a good smoothie place in Alexandria
2/21/11: Presidents day no school & went to newseum
2/22/11: 2 hour delay
2/23/11: nice phone convo.....
2/24/11: got a new inhaler!/ sick day to rest up
2/25/11: field trip with the kiddo's
2/26/11: SU Won & went out in dupont
2/27/11: nice spring day & Amy got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/28/11: super productive after-hours at work
3/1/11: read a lot of my book while metro-ing to school
3/2/11:  good day with the kiddos.  school is less zoo like lately.
3/3/11: went to orientation for volunteering
3/4/11: ran along the gw parkway
3/5/11: picked up bridesmaid dress & ran into lmc alumn at the nail salon!
3/6/11: Circa
3/7/11: went running with Teri
3/8/11: officially debt free!
3/9/11: hung out with a few friends at the apartment
3/10/11: Tahoe
3/12/11: Kirkwood
3/13/11: easy flight back to DC
3/14/11: spy museum
3/15/11: easy day of testing students.
3/16/11: lots of good sleep
3/17/11: maggianos and u -street
3/18/11: Hibachi.
3/19/11: bought new hiking boot for my Alaska trip!
3/20/11: lazy sunday
3/21/11: Went to a new yoga class
3/22/11: Went running in the morning with Mal
3/23/11: Out to dinner with new friends
3/24/11:  grey's marathon!
3/25/11: Half day with students!
3/26/11: Outlet shopping!
3/27/11: Started P90x again.
3/28/11: applied for jobs in dc, nyc &san diego.
3/29/11: Cherry blossoms and caps game!
3/30/11: normal day at school
3/31/11: Baltimore symphony
4/1/11: great happy hour with friends
4/2/11: productive day at school
4/3/11: nice sunday
4/4/11: Field Trip to Tennessee
4/5/11: went for a run in nashville
4/6/11: fun night at fisk university
4/7/11: hardrock cafe nashville & wandered the main street
4/8/11:  day off !
4/9/11: maggianos
4/10/11: ran @ gym
4/11/11: 80 degree day! made a delicious salad
4/12/11: worked out at pf
4/13/11: slightly productive pd afternoon
4/14/11: last day of school for 10 days!
4/15/11: lmc girls in dc!
4/16/11: out at fado & ultrabar
4/17/11: showed the girls around DC
4/18/11: no school/ spring break!
4/19/11: boccee ball league starts today!
4/20/11: great phone interview- drove to NY
4/21/11: Lunch with Holleran
4/22/11: hung out with Julie
4/23/11: visited with my family & second family
4/24/11: Visited with Mark
4/25/11: easy drive back to DC
4/26/11: Bocce League!
4/27/11: getting on the floor at 30 seconds to mars!
4/28/11: African Cats
4/29/11: Hirshhorn afterhours & rocket bar
4/30/11: found good mexican food in Alexandria!
5/1/11: Hiking in Prince William National Park
5/2/11: Awesome Gossip Girl! (sad that thats my highlight, but it is!)
5/3/11: Bocce Ball!
5/4/11: Excellent phone interview
5/5/11: Dolphy Day & GED tutoring
5/6/11: Happy Hour with SS/FL kids
5/7/11: Hibachi & Sangria
5/8/11: day of birth
5/9/11: another fabulous night of gossip girl
5/10/11: Bocce!
5/11/11:  relaxing and quiet evening catching up on himym
5/12/11: productive evening of planning
5/13/11: good interview + fun day of sightseeing
5/14/11: nationals game
5/15/11: spent the afternoon at the library
5/16/11: easy monday evening
5/17/11: off site PD
5/18/11: no good very bad day. but did remove gross bug with vaccuum!
5/19/11:  sweet tea
5/20/11: no students !
5/21/11: great day in the city with Mark, Jen, Alex & co
5/22/11: I got a kindle!
5/23/11: easy day of testing
5/24/11: Bocce Ball.
5/25/11:booked flights to SD
5/26/11:last day of senior finals
5/27/11: happy hour with friends & shooter mcgee's
5/28/11: pizza & movie night with the roomme
5/29/11: cookout in dc
5/30/11: trail run, arlington national cemetery, hangover 2
5/31/11: Cleaned out a lot of clothes and started the moving process
6/1/11: great interview with DC Latin
6/2/11: Good day of classes with Juniors
6/3/11: Alumni Weekend
6/4/11: Alumni Weekend
6/5/11: Alumni Weekend
6/6/11: Tested Demetrius/ hung out got to know him
6/7/11: Last day of regular classes
6/8/11:  FCA graduation ( who woulda thought Id make it!!!)
6/9/11: San Diego bound
6/10/11: ran into fav student Daniel at the mall!  && .50 cent apps!
6/11/11: Nick's at the pier, karl strauss, little italy
6/12/11: adventures returning to dc. plane, train. automobile
6/13/11: Dogfish head with Jessie
6/14/11: Last day with juniors
6/15/11:  Dinner with Dad!
6/16/11: sangria and attendance book.
6/17/11: Last day.
6/18/11: hiking in Shenandoah National Park
6/19/11: clean room and lazy day
6/20/11: last time I'll ever step foot at my former work place

6/21/11: great day of sightseeing in dc. 

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