Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, call me a monkey's uncle. I made it. I contemplated quitting multiple times throughout the year, but I somehow survived. I know for a fact, that it had mostly to do with my phenomenal co-workers and the great personalities of my students.  I don't however, feel like I've made a positive impact on any students this year.  Hell, I doubt I made any impact. I believe that only a fraction of the seniors that we let out into the world are actually prepared to take it on.

  After the senior's finished, I've had a lot more time to get organized, meet with students, and finally get to know them, now that I'm not running around from 7 different classes and all the other nonsense. It's unfortunate that it's too little too late.  Had I been able to build these relationships in the fall, I would most certainly be giving a second year a chance. Howeve'r, I've opted to have an extended summer break as I have not found a position for the fall.  I should be more concerned than I am, but I refuse to work for an organization that is so unethical and failing our students.  The mess here is too big for one little special education teacher to solve.  I could keep fighting and try, but until the wall falls, it'll just be energy wasted.

Recently there has been a lot of mind changing on my behalf.  I interviewed in San Diego, which unfortunately I'm certain I didn't get.  I LOVED being back and I continue to think about moving back again, but I haven't made any formal decisions yet. There is also the possibility of some traveling, both domestically and internationally, or simply starting over somewhere new (again).  Stay tuned, because eventually I'll have to make a move.

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  1. Congrats on making it! The first year is really hard, especially when you are fighting a battle that won't be won. I switched into private therapy after my first year and love it, so no judgment here. :)