Friday, June 24, 2011

What's next?

Monday was the final day that I had to go into work to finalize and IEP and have my end of year performance meeting.  The meeting was comical as expected, since my direct supervisor has not observed me since September/October.  I would love to spend a few minutes inside her brain and see how she justifies giving me low ratings on my classroom management, when she's never been in ANY of my 7 classes since the fall.  She also said "after speaking with several of your co-teachers.... I would like for you to take a more authoritative role."  Which is hilarious since most of my co-teachers had no idea what co-teaching meant.  Regardless, I am officially done. I mentioned to my supervisor, that I was looking into the option of spending sometime abroad, and that I would most likely not return in the fall. I will be formally submitting my resignation after I officially hear from Audeo that I have not been offered the position.  As much as I'd like to burn the bridge at this school, I know realistically as a new teacher it would not be my best career move.

So, the million dollar question, what's next? For now, I'm working in the short term; moving out of my apartment, going to Vegas, visiting the girls in Raleigh, and London.  At some point in between, I'll make some life decisions, but for now it's one day at a time.

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