Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The best years of my life

I've heard over and over again, that college is the best years of our lives.  I loved college, each and every single second of it.  ( well, maybe not every second while in the moment, but over all the experience was 98% positive.)  I was lucky enough to attend Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  I lived on campus all 4 years with some of the most amazing ladies I have ever met.  I developed great friendships with awesome people and developed close alliances with all other Le Moyne College grads.  I believe going to a small school, allowed for a special connection between all the students, that you can't find anywhere else.  We all knew and believed that a certain type of person attends to Le Moyne, and even our biggest jerk of a person, was still better than the majority of jerks.

When I graduated, I had no real plan.  I was devastated. It was and continues to be the hardest breakup I've ever encountered.  Losing Le Moyne hurt.  It took some time, and a move a cross the country to begin to heal.  I have, some what, begun to move on.  I attended graduate school and have become an "adult."

I started to miss Le Moyne a little bit less each day. And then 5 years later, reunion weekend happened.  I spent 3 days back on campus and on my freshman floor, partying like I was 18 again.  The whole crew wasn't able to make it, but those who did, all had fun - even if we weren't all close during college.  Leaving on Sunday was dangerously similar to when I left 5 years ago.  I miss the connections made, living with all of my friends, and always having people around.  I miss when my only concerns were if I made a complete a fool out of myself the night before.

As of today, my time at Le Moyne College is still the best years of my life, but I'll keep trying to find something to fill that void, I just don't know if it exists.  For a short while, I lived like a Dolphin.

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