Sunday, May 15, 2011

Job update

I had an interview at an early middle school in DC (4-8th grade) on Friday and I absolutely loved it.  I had to prepare a 55 minute lesson and I was absolutely terrified.  I didn't think I could handle it.  But I did. It occurred to me, that despite how terrible this year has been at school, I have become a stronger teacher. It didn't phase me to teach in front a group of new kids, or to be observed by 4 different people.  Whether or not I get hired is still to be determined.  But maybe this once, this whole year has not been a complete wash.


  1. I'm a new teacher, second year DCPS, and the interview process of teaching a class of students in a grade level I don't normally teach scares me also. Did you plan your lesson on the spot or in advance?, How did you decide what to teach? What subject do you teach? Any other advice for someone new at this but nervous of applying elsewhere but anxious to leave my current school.

  2. The school I interviewed with gave me an objection to plan on teaching. With that, I planned for several hours for a few days prior. My objective was about understanding main idea in multi-paragraph non fiction text. Having focus made it a bit easier, if the school your interviewing with didn't give you an objective, ask them if there is a focus they'd like you to try. If not, as a friend in that grade level for some pointers? Best of luck!

  3. Thanks. I enjoy your blog, and good luck also.