Friday, May 20, 2011


After what I thought was a great interview, I started to feel more confident that I knew what I would be doing at least for the next year. I figured it was a waiting game until I received an offer.  I had already prepared to reschedule my trip to London, started looking at apartments in Old Town, and was ready to have my life in order.  And then I received a lovely rejection email:

 "Thank you for your interest in a special education teaching position with Achievement Prep Your qualifications are impressive and your commitment to education is evident.  I thank you for taking the time to interview with us and conduct a sample lesson for this position.  

While we were impressed with your qualifications, after careful consideration we have decided not to pursue your candidacy for this position."

This job wasn't all that amazing, long hours and a really terrible neighborhood, but it was structured and most importantly not my current school. My irrational response was to cry. A lot.  My response made it evident to me that I cannot handle an additional year here. With that in mind, now what?  I managed to pay off all of my debt, but I didn't save ANY money, which puts me in the situation where I am forced to return to this mess of a school.

I'm left in a similar place I was last March when I was passed up for my promotion with Audeo.  I have lots of options, but no real direction. 


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