Monday, April 18, 2011

Running again

While the title of my blog would lead you to believe that I run regularly, since last march, I have not. The past 12 months have been unpredictable and sadly running has taken a back seat. I often set goals too big for myself and have only caused a cycle of failure.  I am starting completely over.

My goal is to rebuild my confidence and hopefully speed up my average pace.  During my peak I was running a 9:57 average pace for the half.  I would like to bring that down to 9:30 for the half and closer to a 9 for all shorter distances.

So I'm starting small.  Currently I'm run/walking 2 minute at a 3.5 and running 2 minutes at a 6.7 (8:57 pace) for 28 minutes.  My logic may be wrong, but if I follow the run/walk schedule and (more importantly) I'm patient, I'll be able to build up to 3 miles at a 9 minute pace.  From there I'll move back into temp, fartleks, hills, and intervals, but if I want results I need to take my time and truly enjoy the training process.

My current plan is run a 5k in late july to get a bench mark of how I'm doing ( and to give me a goal to keep in mind) before moving into a specific 5k training program. I've only run one 5k before so there are a lot of opportunities for improvement.  Eventually I'd like to build up to 10ks and back to my beloved half marathons, but I'm following the tortoise on this training plan, slow and steady.

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