Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March Recap

1. Find a doctor and a dentist  - still no progress, since i'm fairly certain I'm leaving DC- this will be tabled until further notice.
2. Take Public Transportation 2x a week to work  ((17/44))-  I'v definitely been slacking and only a few weeks left of school. yikes!
3. Yoga 1x per week ((9/52)) - still slacking.
4. Run 4x a week ((17/208)) - still slacking, a blog post is coming later there is hope....
5. Attend 1 Free in DC event per month  ((0/12))-  i think i'm going to take this one out-  but still no progress 
6. Accomplish 11 things off of my Life list ((2/11)) - making moves.  2 down, 9 to go!
7. Race 1x per month ((1/12))-   this resolution will be tabled, and explained in a blog post later
8. Volunteer 1x per month ((0/12)) - wow I'm terrible.  making no progress at all. where is th time going?
9. Read 2 books per month (7/24))-  surprisingly doing well on this goal
10. Follow 1 new recipe per week ((13/52))-  slightly behind, but making progress 

In short, I'm really only following 3 of my resolutions, maybe 10 was too ambitious.

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