Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February Update

New Year Resolutions 2011

1. Find a Doctor and a Dentist. - Still no progress... I really need to get on this!
2. Take Public Transportation 2x a week to work  ((18/44)) In pretty good shape, most weeks I remember to take the metro atleast twice.  I might be slightly behind, but not too bad.
3. Yoga 1x per week ((7/52)) - I am about 3 yoga classes/videos behind, but since purchasing a video it's been easier to do with my schedule.
4. Run 4x a week ((13/208))- definitely behind but making progress!
5. Attend 1 Free in DC event per month  ((0/12)) - Fail.
6. Accomplish 11 things off of my Life list ((1/11)) 
       I finally paid off my credit card and now I am officially debt free. Wohoo!
7. Race 1x per month ((1/12))
        ran the GW Birthday Classic.
8. Volunteer 1x per month ((0/12))
      still no progress, but when to an orientation for volunteering recently so I will make up lost time soon.
9. Read 2 books per month (3/24)) slightly behind,  reading 2 books is a lot harder than the old resolution to read 1 book a month.  I will hopefully catch up during my upcoming travels.
10. Follow 1 new recipe per week ((8/52))
    I am about 2 weeks behind on recipes, when I return from my trip I will have to try something new. 

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