Monday, February 7, 2011


I am tired.  I know most people feel the same way as I do on Mondays; I can't imagine my bed ever being more comfortable or  when I doubt that my eyes can physically remain open.  This feeling is not limited to Mondays, it's any school day.  Yet come Saturday and Sunday I am completely capable of waking up at 7am and ready to go.  A lot of my tiredness is in direct response to feeling defeated at school.  The kids have gotten louder and more defiant, the administration is frustrated and taking it out on the teachers, and the morale is low.  Very low.  My co-workers and I applaud each other for taking a day off and regaining some sanity.

It shouldn't be this hard.

We have so many hall walkers, that I now need to leave my classroom door locked to avoid any wanderers.  Today while chatting with my 10th grade girls advisory, (in someone else classroom because I float) I had an incredibly rude and disrespectful senior start pounding on the door; demanding that I open it so she can talk to Pier the teacher whose classroom we were in.  I politely told her that Pier was at lunch. Where then she continued to scream and yell into the classroom.  It was incredibly disruptive.  Our students do not have study halls or free periods and they eat lunch with their respective grade.  So not only was this student disrupting my class, she wasn't in her class.  Yet, I always see her walking around.  The only punishments at our schools include in school suspension (where they sit with all of their other friends who are in ISS) Out of school suspension (where they get to just hang out at home) or after school detention that is again all of their friends hanging out for an extra hour.

These consequences do not discourage students from whatever the negative action may be.  The phone numbers to call parents are often out of date and disconnected, and even if I get a parent on the phone it doesn't change the negative behavior.  At best I've now pissed off a defiant child and just made my life a little more challenging.

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