Thursday, January 20, 2011


The past month was quite good.  Work seemed to be under control and I felt like I had a lot of free time.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I now feel like I did in October. After a horrific travel even coming back from Fort Myers, FL (plane was rerouted a midnight for 4 hours) I arrived at school to discover that I had an IEP meeting, that I had NOTHING prepared for.  Today started off by being yelled at for the entire first block.  I was told that I am doing a terrible job as a co-teacher because my students are failing classes.  I should note that my students are failing PE, Health, and Drama ( and several other classes) but to be completely honest, they haven't earned passing grades.  Their attendance is poor, and their homework completion rate is even worse.  Because these students have been passed along through the system for so long, is exactly why I have seniors reading at 7th/8th levels.  As a team, it feels like we are being pressured to ensure that all special education students are passing all of their classes.  I might be wrong in what I took away from the 3 different meetings I had regarding the issue today, but I am frustrated. I've also learned that I have to have IEP progress reports completed by Monday, a portfolio review (which I have no idea what is suppose to be in our portfolio's), 2 IEP's to write and more that i can't seem to think of. I hope that onces I meet all of these deliverables, life will go back to normal and I can continue to make efforts to having a life outside of school.

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  1. Hi. Sounds like you are being scapegoated by the administration and it's probably all about numbers and the school's image.

    Although I'm not a teacher, I've coached sports for my town for over ten years and have been a supervisor for over twenty. I've seen this behavior before and some people just look the other way and pass kids so their numbers look good. I can only imagine how poor these kid's SAT scores are. Stay true to your standards. Ultimately, its the kids that have to step up to the plate and parents too.

    In spite of that, I recommend you try to think about creative ways to perhaps get these kids to engage more. Seek your co-teachers advice and find a mentor.

    I hope this helps. BTW, I found your blog while looking for others that like running. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.