Monday, January 3, 2011


After a lovely Christmas, Flo and I spent the next few days doing a few of the essential touristy things.  We went on a tour of the Sydney Opera House.  I hadn't realized there was so much controversy with the creation of the building and drama with the actual builder.  If you're interested you can read more about it here.

  We also took a slightly mandatory ferry ride (according to eyewitness top ten guide book and the lonely planet).  I think it would be cool to take a ferry to work each morning,  definitely more peaceful than the metro.

DC metro during rush hour...
view from Sydney's CBD

We also went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which had a great amount of Australian artist and Aboriginal artwork.  The best part, is that the gallery is completely free! Both days we spent a bit of time wandering around the town and exploring the different neighborhoods.  I got a fairly good lay of the land, which is helpful as I'm reading Ruth Park's Sydney which is written as a walking history tour of the city.

Despite Jet's fear of heights, he joined my sister and I to climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge.  The view was spectacular...

The company does a great job, they breathalyser you before you get to climb (apparently it's been an issue?)  We had to wear funky jump suits to prevent anything from falling from us onto the freeway below us.  Flo and I kept going back between going for a day climb or an evening, and I am so glad we did an evening climb.  Climbing the bridge was definitely a highlight of our time in Sydney.

We ventured out to Bondi Beach but only for a moment and then took the scenic walk down to Bronte Beach where Flo and Jet have a few friends living.  After spending the day visiting,  we decided to leave the city life for a few days and stay with Jet's friends at the beach.  Our granny flat was a bit cozy, but it was absolutely perfect.  The first day we walked up to Bondi beach to check out the scenery (both people and landscape) after getting an appropriate amount of sun, we headed back to Bronte and I had the most amazing dinner ( was then trumped the next day but at that point in the time, the best meal to date...)    The next morning, I headed down to Bronte Beach to relax and enjoy the sun and surf.  Bronte reminds me very much of La Jolla and desperately made me regret relocating to the east coast.  I finally woke up early enough on Friday to head to run to Bondi on the very popular trail.  ( I plan on writing a blurb and sending it to Runners World because it was a beautiful, but ass kicking trail. )  Friday was our last day before heading back into the city to get ready for New Years Eve.
Bondi Beach, Early New Years Eve

New Years Eve was spectacular,  the party was mostly real adults ( people with kids, most closer to 2x my age than my age)  but they were an interesting bunch.  I had a good time chatting with different people and had a pleasant time.  Sydney does 9pm fireworks for the kiddos, which is pretty awesome since I don't know if I've ever heard of that anywhere else, and then the real show at midnight.  The house had a great view of the harbour and it was awesome.  It's hard to believe its a new year already.

New Years day was quiet lazy, we went back to the house that had the party for some champagne and swimming before heading back to our host for a nap.  Later, Flo Jet and I met up with more of jet's friends for a new years eve recovery dinner.  It was a blast, the food was a variety of different Asian infused and was absolutely delicious.   The people were really fantastic as well.  It was a fantastic way to spend my final evening.

Overall Australia was awesome, I will need to return to visit the Great Barrier Reef ( the weather was really terrible up that way, so we ended up scrapping our ideas to go), spend more time in Melbourne, Uluru, Perth and maybe see a cricket match.  I will be taking donations for my next Australian fund.  :)  .

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