Friday, January 14, 2011

Filler Post until I have more time.

2010 was an incredibly rough year,  I started the year stuck in Colorado Springs, not having the experience, or fun that I had anticipated.  I was passed up for the promotion at CSSD and the living situation became increasingly challenging in March.  I learned alot and have grown up a lot.  But good riddens 2010,  I am excited for this new year.

So far the year is starting on a better note.  School hasn't seemed too crazy just yet, and I've been getting back into being more active.  I've joined a yoga class on Mondays.  The class is an interesting mix of very traditional Yoga (including chants and om's) but then the instructor plays newer music, but always to a particular theme.  It is not as good as Morrie's monday night YMCA class, but I suspect it's the closest I am going to get without returning to San Diego. 

My running is slowly coming back, I am getting the urge and desire to actually go for a run, which is a good sign.  I am running the suntrust half marathon in DC in March, hopefully with a new PR. I may even try to run it in my new Vibrams ( yes those weird 5 finger toe shoes)

 I am heading to Florida this weekend to visit with the folks, and I'm looking forward feeling warm weather again.

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