Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farewell iPhone.

I have made the switch from my once lovely iPhone 3Gs to the new blackberry torch. While most people may not feel this is worthy of a blog post,  those that know me well, know how obsessed I was with the iPhone.  I miss Woodstock dearly,  however, my time with apple had come to an end. I can single handedly blame the Coconut Point Apple Store for my separation with apple products.

Since traveling to Australia, my phone hasn't been working quite right.  At first I thought maybe the signal had gotten confused or something since it seemed to be a network problem.  My service would freeze,  not sending text messages or phone calls when I'd make them for 3-4 minutes before it would reset itself and work properly.  So the phone still worked, but only about 65% of the time.

I first went to my local AT&T store where they gave me a new sim card.  I'm not entirely sure what a sim card does, but the AT&T guy told me that this might fix the problem, but if it didn't it meant there was something wrong with the phone.  I tried out the sim card for a few days, but unfortunately it didn't solve the issue.

I schedule an appointment with an apple genus in Coconut Point ( Fort Myers, FL) because I would be in town visiting my parents.  I arrived at the store 5 minutes early ( and 5 minutes before the store opened) because once upon a time,  I was 3 minutes late and the "genius"  canceled my appointment.  I waited for about 12 minutes since my genius was not yet there,  while waiting, I asked the host if I could use the restroom. Since there were only 3 other people in the store at this time I figured they would remember I waiting while I excused myself for 3 minutes.  Unfortunately, they did not, and the called my name and moved on ( when did apple turn into the DMV??)  So now I had to sit and wait for my Arnie my genius to help me after he worked with the other people.

Thirty minute later, please remind me why I scheduled an appointment in the first place?  I was helped.  When Arnie finally got to me the first thing he said was " if your phone was still under warranty I would just replace it now for having to make you wait."  While that is all good and fine, my phone hasn't been under warranty for the past 5 months.  Arnie restores my network (something I should have been able to figure out myself)  an then sends me a few emails on what to do next if the network restore didn't fix it.
Ultimately, he tells me that if none of the restores work (network or full phone) then its a problem with the hardware.  Yet I am still responsible for paying to replace the phone.  How is a hardware issue my fault? What did I do wrong here to have to pay to fix a fault product?

I waited a day to see if the network change worked, it doesn't so I do the complete restore. Unfortunately this does nothing either.  After trying everything in my power,  I gave up, drove directly to AT&T after school and bought the new blackberry torch.    Maybe it wasn't all entirely Arnie's fault, but I am not impressed my apple's customer service, and I don't believe I'll ever go back.

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