Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Australian Beer Review

This year, I've become a bit of an explorer when it comes to trying different beers.  My first true love was Sam Adams Summer Ale, which lead me to want to try all of the other summer brews.  Sam Adams then introduced me to Oktoberfest, which had the same effect in trying the different fall ales.  I'm certainly no expert about hops and grains, I just know what I like according to taste.  So my review is of my opinion the 9 beers that I remember trying during my two weeks in Australia are ranked below from worst to best.  To be fair, there was only one terrible beer I tried and I do have one brand new favorite, all the others were quite good and evenly matched.  So they are subject to different positioning. 


Carlton Draught:  On every local public house (hotel/bar)  This is the beer that is advertised, it's my assumption that its the Australian equivalent of a Budweiser.  I decided to try it once we made it to the Grampians near the end of our Great Ocean Road Trip.  It was awful.  Incredibly Bitter, with no real flavoring,  I actually couldn't drink more than 3 sips.  & I was awfully thirsty, it was just that bad. 

Coopers Sparking Ale:  A bit heavier than their pale ale.  A strong, slightly bitter after taste.  Not particularly my favorite, but definitely not as awful as the Carlton Draught.

Jim Squires - I'll be honest, I'm not certain if it was the Pilsner or the Golden Ale or the sundown lager.  What I do remember was that it went down easy, had a clean flavor and could be drank in large quantities if needed. 

Fat Yak-  Fat Yak was enjoyed from a vista in the Grampians while watching the sunlight leave the park.   That alone will help the beer review because it was such a beautiful setting.  Fat Yak was definitely a fuller beer than most of the ones I've tried, primarily because I was leaning towards summer flavors, and this one is a year round brew.  It has a bit more of an after taste than I usually like, but that is solved by continuing to drink. 

James Boag-  Boag is a beer from Tasmania that seems to be the locals go to beer.  It had a full crisp beer taste, and what Coors light would taste like, if Coors actually had any flavor.  James Boag was the beer of choice on New Years Eve, so it is definitely easy to drink and goes well with harbour fireworks.

Coopers Pale Ale:  Delicious, slightly fruity but with a lot of flavor.  Coopers does some naturally fermented in the "Burton-on-trent" style which ever that means :)  Coopers was a beer that Jet, Flo and I could all agree on, so it was an easy to please taste.

Little Creature:  While my initial like in little creatures was very high, I was slightly disappointed to discover that they collect their  Chinook and Cascade hop flowers from the United States.  Regardless, there are no preservatives or additives which creates a very fresh tasting beer
Pure Blonde: Pure blonde is made by Fosters - which surprisingly, I don't recall seeing Fosters anywhere.  But this is a nice light, flavorful beer.  It taste like what Coors Light, Miller Light, and Bud light are all trying to do but failing.  It's crisp, has a great taste, and is still light.  

White Rabbit- White Ale !!  I picked this one up on a whim as Flo and I were walking back to the place in Bronte.  The label read that it was naturally pasteurized with honey, so I thought it might have a nice light sweet taste.  And it was fantastic.  I was thoroughly impressed and I plan on going on a search in the states to see if I can find a distributor that carries it.

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