Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Oz

This year was the first in 26 that I did not celebrate Christmas at my parents house.  I like being with family, but I wasn't particularly bummed about missing out on a family holiday.  Flo, Jet and I arrived in Sydney on Christmas eve and headed directly to Jet's uni friends house.  The house is incredible.  It was once a school and then an office, and now their family home.  The family has 4 beautiful and energetic kids,  in attempts to get into the holiday spirit, which is a little challenging in summer weather, we all headed off to the local church for a childrens puppet show.  The show was cute, with one interesting remix of jingle bells:

Jesus Saves! Jesus saves!
Jesus is the way
Jesus is the Saviour
You can come to Him today – HEY!

you can find the full lyrics here

Typically in my family, Christmas eve is the big family evening.  Everyone comes over, we eat lasagna and exchange presents with one another.  There was always a lot of hype about Santa coming and I always remember having a hard time falling a alseep.  

This year, Jet and I went for a gorgeous run that ends up at the harbor with a fantastic view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge

After the run, Flo, Jet and I joined our hosts for a delicious chicken curry dinner.  We spent the evening chatting and enjoying some great Australian wines before Jet dressed up to as Santa to pose in several  present delivering and cookie eating photos for the kids to enjoy in the morning.  

We all ended up going to  bed fairly early, knowing that the kids would wake us up quite early to get a start on their pressies.  

It was sweet watching the kids open their presents.  Ro Ro played with each one she opened for a while, until someone would remind her to open an other and Toby would exclaim "this is exactly what I've always wanted" with each opening. After exchanging presents, I attempted to help in the kitchen before the big christmas lunch.  I struggled to know how to chop fruit ( this time next year i will be far less useless in the kitchen) After assisting with the fruit salad, I took off to run the same loop as yesterday and enjoy the view.  

Christmas lunch was fantastic, lots of great food and interesting people.  All of the guest were friends of our host, but no immediate family.  It was interesting for all these people to create their own family clan for the day.  

Because technology is wonderful,  I was able to skype with my parents early on our christmas morning ( christmas eve afternoon in NY) and again that evening to see the whole family at the house for our traditional Christmas eve.  I had a great time meeting these new people and the new experience, but I will be looking forward to spending the holidays with my family next year.

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  1. I'm glad you are having such a great time in Australia. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!