Monday, December 13, 2010

Could I survive in the Big Apple?

Last week turned out to be pretty good.  On Wednesday I went out with Casey from our middle/elementary feeder school for pizza, Thursday I went over to the national tree lighting ceremony.  And while, I didn't have a ticket so I couldn't officially enter, I could still hear/see everything and finally began to feel the Christmas spirit.  While at the tree lighting I met a woman who taught within DCPS for the 13 years.  13 years!!! I'm still uncertain I can last another 13 weeks, let alone 13 years.

On Friday I was approved to attend a professional development at OSSE.  I had the luxury of sleeping in a little bit and venturing to work peacefully on public transportation.  It was during my commute that I realized that I may be ready to move to NYC.

I've been set against living there since the beginning of time, now I don't think I could live in Manhattan yet, but maybe Brooklyn or one of the other boroughs.  This is definitely something to consider once Jen & Alex finish up their travels and settle down somewhere.

The professional development was quite good, although she ran a little long with the games in the last segment when everyone was about ready to call it a day.  It made me wish I taught at the lower level, or even just a class that met daily.  I never have and never will be a fan of block scheduling.

After the PD let out, I had some time to kill before my co-workers got out of school.  It was nice to be able to do something out of work, since I was in the neighborhood, I wandered around the Postal Museum which was very neat.  The Smithsonian do a fantastic job, and I enjoyed walking around this quite and under-appreciated museum.

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