Monday, November 29, 2010

Expat in my own country

 " You can't go home again."  people say it all the time, but this thanksgiving was the first time that I felt it.  The jouney home went smoothly. I gave myself far too much time and ended up at the airport bar for 3 hours ( which explains my short but sweet blog post professing my love for travelers)  Thanksgiving was pleasant, the majority of the family was there, minus my cousin Alisha and my sister and brother-in-law (see their blog to see what they've been up to ) The food was delicious as always and it was a nice afternoon with the family and I got to see my former pup Charlie.

I skipped the black Friday madness except to go to borders to buy Running through the Wall - Personal Encounters with Ultra Marathons.  I still hope to run an ultra during 2011.  Ideally I'll find one in Alas aka while I am there in the summer.  I spent the day lounging around the house with my family until I eventually went to trick shots with my high school friends.

First off, for those that are unfamiliar with Trick Shots - it's a pool hall, that added a bar. The bar isn't half bad looking, but the local crowd is either barely 21 year old - trashy kids or 65 year old men.  Maybe it isn't usually as bad as it was on Friday, but woof, I was not enjoying it at first. Greg, Jenna, her friend Mike and I spent the evening playing darts.  Greg and I made a pretty solid team and managed to win in the clutch a few times.  

I didn't feel that I fit in for the first part of Friday.  But by Saturday it was much better, the gang headed up to Gina & Corey's place for B.Y.O.Steak.  We all hung out and watched Team America- World Police and then played a home made drinking game "ding f*ck" It was very nice to hang out with everyone and I definitely felt more home the second day.  I guess maybe you can go home, but it takes longer each time to make it more like before.

The journey back was just as uneventful as the one there, everything ran on time and I caught each additional public transportation (bus, train, and i cheated and took a cab for the final leg :)

This week is going to be a bit wild at the school.  Tomorrow is what I'd like to call Cover Your Butt day - which in actuality is the charter board coming to check out our school. And later this week the SPED team is being evaluated by our SELPA. This week will certainly be interesting, for sure, but Australia is on the horizon so I can survive :)

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