Thursday, November 25, 2010


My alma mater send out a very lovely thanksgiving day prayer that I'd like to save/share.

A Prayer for a Time of Thanksgiving

Lord God, you are the author of all good gifts to us; 
    you have blessed us with life, happiness, and peace.
Our hearts are grateful for all that is good.

At this season we thank you in a special way for all the 

    blessings you have given us in the past year and throughout our lives.
You give us life to enjoy and the beauty of all that is human.
You create us to be truly at home on this earth with you and each other.

We give you thanks that you are our God, 

    and that you have chosen us to be your people.
You show your special love to us by calling us your sons and daughters,
    and by making us heirs to your future of promise.

May we never forget those who are less fortunate than us.

Show us your kindness once more, Lord, by granting our prayers
and sharing your blessing with all our brothers and sisters on this earth. 

Strengthen our generosity and courage to place your gifts at the service 

of all, especially those who are weak, poor, or abandoned. One in the Spirit, 
we ask this favor in the name of Jesus Christ, through whom we give you 
fitting praise and thanks, now and forever. Amen. 

Now I'm not one to be very religious, but it's nice to remember that we have lots to be thankful for even when things are going tough.

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