Friday, November 5, 2010

Accountable Teachers

If I wanted to be the cool teacher, I would have become an elementary specials teacher, Arts, Music, or PE.  Instead, I became a high school Special Education teacher, I couldn't have picked a less cool (in the eyes of my students) career.  Every day is most certainly different, and although my students have not severely disabled, they still require A LOT of patience.

I love what my job should be and lately despite the long days I've actually begun to enjoy my job.  Today has been complete and utter madness. 28 teachers are out of the building.  We have on average 5 substitutes at this school, leaving nothing for the remaining 23 teachers.  I think it is fairly safe to say that there is NO learning going on in school today.

Days like today should be an indication to the administration that something isn't quite right.  But the truth is, all that will happen is that at our next staff meeting they will call us all together and yell at us for being absent. But that wont solve anything. Now I realize that since I am only a special education teacher there isn't a whole lot that I can do to improve the system (technically) but that doesn't mean I wont try.

I have no real interest in becoming a school administrator, I just want the system to be fixed.  I want students to learn, And for teachers to show up. In a way, I believe that this change has to come from the bottom levels.  There are very few things that the administration could do that would truly improve teacher attendance.  I think the key is for the teachers to hold each other accountable, but how?

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