Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Update

Tonight I went out for a run without my nike+ and it felt great. I have no idea where I was, how fast I was going, or how far I went. While last year, I was completely driven by results, speed & distance this year I am at a completely different view. I would have continued to run tonight, but the trail was completely dark and I've never been on it before. I plan on buying a head lamp next week and start powering through, with darkness setting in earlier each day, I might as well get used to wearing a headlamp if I truly think I am going to complete an ultra in the spring/summer.

This weekend was fun, it was one of the first times I've been in town in the past month. Friday I went out to Good Stuff Eatery with some FCA teachers, after we went to our usual Pour House and continued to meet up with a few more staff. A few of us ventured down to Banana Cafe to meet up with even more co-workers for some group therapy session. It was a relatively low key evening, but definitely fun. I had the opportunity to talk with some teachers & staff that I haven't really connected with. On Saturday my kickball league had a flip cup tournament. After a rough morning, it took a lot of effort to bring myself to the bar for the tourny, but I was able to man-up and join my team. We lost in the sweet 16, but it was a very fun social event. I ran into a fellow Le Moyne Alum ( first one since I've graduated ) and also met some fun other people. I am continually amazed at how much I enjoy DC. It was a bit rough at the start first but I am definitely beginning to understand why I ended up here.

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