Monday, October 11, 2010

George Washington National Forest

Last week was surprisingly decent, I received direct, explicit instruction on what was expected of me. This made my life far less complicated and allowed for me to do my job "correctly" in the eyes of FCA. The best part of the week was having Ryan come up from Norfolk. He got in a late friday evening and we went down to Austin Grill in Old Town for some Tex Mex dinner. The music was great, service was quick, and the food was quite tasty. After, we went food shopping for camping and ended up with pb & j, bread, triscits, pop-tarts, apples, s'more stuff, and beer. Clearly, neither one of us really wanted to deal with the cooking aspect of camping. We spent the remainder of the evening playing Dr. Mario on my orginial Nintendo; which does in fact still work.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out west to the George Washington National Forest. We stayed at local KOA. I've never been at a KOA before, but I am a huge fan now. They have everything you need & are still typically convenient to civilization. My least favorite part of the camp site was its proximity to a farm with a rooster. The rooster was slightly blind or has a bit of a jacked up internal clock because he started crowing by 2:30 am on Sunday morning and continued until close 8am. Thankfully, he wasn't as loud Monday morning, but if I never hear a roster crow again, I will not be heart broken.

Ryan and I had intended to hike Strickler Knob, but it was not in the cards for it to happen. We got lost twice simply trying to find the road with the trail head. Once we found the trail, we powered through the tough terrain to discover that we must have missed a turn miles back from where we were. As a result, we decided to hike back out to the road, and walk along the road back towards my car. It was an absolutely beautiful day and beautiful hike, it would be been an awesome day for the knob, but it will still be there the next time we try to find it.
We did treat ourselves to some delicious homecooked meal from Sonny's Place which was conveniently right down the road from our failed hiking mission.

We spent the remainder of our evening enjoying fire, beer, and s'mores. life doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

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