Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh kids these days

I think I've made it through the tunnel in terms of FCA. I am no longer actively looking for another employment, and now that I've built some relationships with the students, it would be a lot harder to leave at this point. I was able to go to happy hour with the rest of the SpEd team on Friday where we all shared outrageous stories from the week. Now that I feel that I've gotten my life together work wise, I hope I can function a bit more as an adult. I'm itching to get back out and running. Hopefully this week will turn it all around.

Just a few quotes/moments from some of our students:

While my students were completing an application essay, once question
"Are you or will you be a parent by next year." The answer options are Yes, No, Unknown. Many of my students were choosing "unknown" because they didn't know what could happen in a year. I took a moment to remind the girls that they have the opportunity to decide to become pregnant. (IE abstinence or protection)
My always sleeping child pops her head up and declares that not everyone believes in abortion. I told her that I agree and that I understand but prior to that becoming an issue, students have the opportunity to make smarter choices. After being quiet for a minute, sleeping child asks "do those things really work?" I quickly answered with yes, 97-99% of the time when used correctly. She thinks for a minute and then asks, "And birth control pills?" I answered again with 97-99% accuracy (I’m not actually sure of the statistic) when used correctly and taken at the same time each day. While this certainly took us off topic during the class, if my 11th graders make it to graduation before having children I'll consider it completely worth it.

"Fiancé, that's a nice name, I think I'll name my vibator that." - 12th grade student.

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