Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arne Duncan

Yesterday, Arne Duncan ( US Secretary of Education) came to my school. While, I typically try to maintain some sort of privacy of where I work (especially since I vent a bit)I very much feel the need to share.

While, I'm sure it had been planned for weeks, the teachers at my school were never officially notified that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was coming to use our facility and hold an event regarding "Gear Up Day" Because of the lack of communication, teachers were unable to plan accordingly. Rather than allow for the day to go on as normal, which I understand is a security issue with someone of Mr. Duncan's importance, we went on complete lock down 2 hours. As teachers, we were unaware of how long the lock down would continue, so we were stuck trying to decide if we should move on with material, or if we should tie up loose ends in case of a sudden release. Once we were finally able to release the students onto the remainder of their day, chaos ensued. There were 4 fights after lunch among the students. Thankfully, Mr. Duncan had been gracefully exited out of the building and did not witness how the zoo that is my school.

It is painfully obvious to the students and the staff where the priorities are for the administration. Education and learning unfortunately come second to appearances.

There are a few blurbs on the web regarding Mr. Duncan's visit to the school and I've attached the blog post for the department of education. Welcome to crazy.

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  1. I'm sorry it isn't starting off so well. I am thinking of you!