Saturday, September 18, 2010


I drove home a co-worker after our back to school night on thursday. I haven't had much conversation with him in these past 4 weeks, simply because our paths don't usually cross. But, he was hoping to not take the metro back to Old Town - and I don't blame him since it can take over an hour at 9pm. On our drive, we got to talking about where we are from and such - I asked where his parents were from, and he mentioned his father was Nigerian & that his mother was from North Carolina. He then causally mentioned that he grew up in the foster system. This alone broke my heart, but as he tells his story, he talks about how he was adopted and thats why he had moved to Oklahoma, only to then be given back up to the system. In his words he was "returned". I didn't realze people could change their mind with adoption, and it completely broke my heart to hear his story. Now he wasn't looking for pity and his life is going quite well. He now owns his own tow-truck company, works at the school, and coaches football. He is also in the process of purchasing a home in SW DC. My conversation with him has reminded me of my goal to become a foster parent/adopt. It also help me put perspective on my teaching situation; it will be fustrating, but at the end of the day it could be so much worse.

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