Sunday, September 12, 2010


Home is where the heart is, but where is home?

I've been feeling a bit home sick today. But I don't know if the cure is a trip to upstate NY or to San Diego. I've been having a blast lately, but this weekend wasn't my favorite which is what I think has made me feel this way.

School is in full swing now. Nothing too crazy has happened just yet, and I am still struggling to find what is actually expected of me. Its frustrating, because I knew how to do my job well at Audeo. I have no idea how to do my job here. I hope things turn around within the next few weeks because it'll be hard to be this unsatisfied with my worklife for another ten months.

DC life has been a lot of fun, I went to pigroast at Jason and Miguel's on the saturday on labor day weekend. On sunday Victor and I went over to another fellow MV YMCA (former) employees bbq. I went to two National's games last week one day with Teri & Ben and the second game with some Sped teachers. This weekend had a lot of promise but ended up being a bit eh, but kickball did start & I had a great time meeting my team mates.

I am finally out of the dorm and into my apartment. The place is adorable, I just wish it were a little closer to a metro line. But it's awesome to now have a kitchen & a cable. I also finally have a computer again. It's nice that urban camping has finally ended.

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