Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Update

As a result of Thursday, I decided that I was going to stay in for the majority of the weekend to avoid any further damage. It was easy to do so on Friday, because I had to work until 7pm for parent teacher conferences. It also didn’t hurt that it took me 2 hours to get home due to an earlier car crash. I ordered some sushi and planted myself on the couch to stare at the tv. Saturday, I went out with Chris from my kickball team to the Barrack’s Row festival (which I think we went too early, and/or it wasn’t nearly as cool as the H-street fest) then wandered up the street to the Eastern Market weekend farmers market. It was a little warmer than either one of us preferred to continue wandering around outdoors, so we decided to take a mini road trip to the Air & Space museum – Udvar-Hazy facility near the Dulles Airport. The museum is awesome. It is a massive hanger with all sorts of different airplanes. The best part about it is that since it’s further away, it was empty in comparison to its counterpart on the national mall. After a nice day out, I ordered some Chinese food and watched a mini-marathon of NCIS.

I woke up this morning determined to join a gym & to get myself moving again. I’ve been rather lazy lately ( or simply exhausted) and I’m ready for a change. I made my way over to the Ymca only to discover that their memberships are 65 dollars a month. 65!!! I’ve never paid for a gym membership to start, and 65 just seems like highway robbery since the facility isn’t even that nice. I walked out frustrated and without a membership. I’ve decided to hold off since I just got a bikram groupon for unlimited use – I’m going to start that tomorrow & just get back out on the streets and run.

Tonight, I followed a recipe (for the most part) and cooked dinner. And, surprisingly it came out quite good. I used a spicy tomato sauce because I have constant craving for spicy foods, but otherwise followed the recipe – which had way too many steps for what I believe a one dish meal should have but regardless I have succeed. And it is quite good.

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