Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Teacher Training

So, I've survived my second week of new teacher training. This week we were at our specific school. It was nice to finally meet my team and all of the returning staff. I have found myself in a weird position, where I am not apart of the TFA family nor do I really fit in with the returning staff. I am hopeful that once the school year starts it will break down that separation. I was finally able to wake up at 5am to go for a morning run on Thursday. I ran to the White House & it was definitely the best time to see it. I was the only person there enjoying the view. I finally received my teaching assignment, 11th grade American Lit and 12th grade American Institute (government). I also found out that all of my caseload will should be in my advisory class which will be AWESOME in allowing for me to build relationships with my students.

Thursday evening I braved the rain and met with Jeff in Virginia to find the closest Friendly's. As always it was delicious, afterwards Jeff & I ended up going to see Inception - which was awesome. It completely lives up to all the hype & is such an intelligent movie. We clearly didn't plan properly & I missed the last metro back into DC so poor tired Jeff had to drive me all the way back to the house. Friday was a slow day of training & with being out so late - I was dragging ass. I'll have to make sure that I don't go out on school nights again. Jason invited me out with his friends & so I met up with them in Tenly Town (where I could TOTALLY see myself living as a real adult...) & then ventured to Mad Hatters in Dupont Circle. I had a lot of fun with them & I could definitely see myself hanging out with them again.

I am starting to feel a bit more settled, but I am still counting down the days to when I can move into my real apartment. I have never been so excited for September before.

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