Sunday, August 1, 2010

road trip recap

average temp: 92 degrees
# of border patrol stops: 3
miles:3000 something
average gas price: $2.50
speeding warnings: 1
animals killed :( 1

day 1:
-almost stopped in Las Cruces, nm but decided to keep driving after seeing multiple signs that read " federal prison in area do not pick up hitchhikers" ( apparently this is quite the issue)
stopped in El Paso, Tx instead

day 2:
-drove through Guadalupe National Park & stopped at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
- ended up on a farm road through cows and oil rigs w/ 75 mph limit
-ended up about 20 miles outside of Fort Worth, Tx for the night after a terrifying storm caused mento give up.
- stayed the night in the sketchiest motel that included multiple deadbolts( if one doesn't do the trick, I think I'm already in trouble)

Day 3:
-didn't sleep well & got up early to hit the road
- got pulled over in east Dallas for going 80 in a 65- nice officer told me to slow down and have a safe drive. got off with a simple warning :)
- hit a hawk that didn't have enough momentum after leaving the grassy median.
-it rained for the entire state of Mississippi
-Matty h taught me how to use cruise control
- driving into Atlanta after 14 hours of driving was the post terrifying experience throughout the whole trip. ( but Hot-lanta looks awesome at night )
- spent another awesome night at motel 6

Day 4:
-short drive to Raleigh, Nc
-totally tired of country music
- lots of cops= driving speed limit :(
- ate dinner at the Roberts'
- & slept at Molly's
I love LMC

Day 5:
-drove to Virginia Beach
-spent the afternoon at the beach
-awesome dinner (crab cakes) and music with Ryan H.
- wandered on them boardwalk for a while
- couldn't find a hotel - ended up at the motel 6 Norfolk

Day 6:
-went surfing with Ryan h ( he was successful - I got my ass handed to me by the waves )
- ate lunch in Norfolk
- left & drove to Arlington
- went to a house party with Teri & Ben
(out till 3 am- yikes I'm going to have to break out of my early bar habits!)

Day 7: moved into my dorm.
Tomorrow starts my adult life . (yikes!)


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