Sunday, August 8, 2010

quality vs quantity.

what defines where someone is from? is it their most recent location, city of birth, childhood neighborhood, or college town? all of these places play significant roles in changing a person into who they are- does a specific area trump others? is it based off of quality of life changes or the quantity of years?

most conversations I've had this week include "where are you from" I usually answer with - "I just moved from California". which, more often than not results in a follow up question of "why would you move here?" (note: doesn't help me affirm that I've made the right decision.)

Anyhow, after having the same conversation throughout the week, it got me thinking about what determines how we identify where we are from. obviously I grew up in upstate ny - with fairly ordinary life experiences as most of my peers. Syracuse is where I met most of the important people in my life, and San Diego is where I went simply because i could. I believe that the most significant changes in my life are as a result as my time in San Diego.

While I know I am not from California, I am unable to respond with a simple upstate NY. I suspect once I stay in one place long enough, my memories of SD will fade & I'll return to responding with upstate ny. but for now, I'll keep flashing my California license.

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