Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

Monday was the start of the 2010-2011 school year. To say it was chaotic could quite possibly be the understatement of the year. Due to technological issues as well as enrollment glitches, many of the students did not receive schedules until Wednesday. I haven't yet received my caseload/roster, so I have no clue what students are "mine." Hell, I have seen so many new faces that I can't even remember my own name by the end of the day.

Although I haven't been in a traditional high school since my own high school days and therefore my perspective is very biased, there are several things that I've noticed these first few days that I don't think I'd ever see (or nearly as much of) at a suburban or rural school.

1: The number of students with Tattoos. I'm ball parking here, but I'm thinking it's safe to say that 60-70% of the students in my classes have at least 1 tattoo.

2: Wigs & Hair extensions. I don't have a percentage here, but I'd say a minimum of 50% of the girls in 10th-12th grade have either a wig on or extensions included.

The general attitude towards education is also very different. I believe that individually each student does care about their education and their future. However when there are 30+ (and in some cases 42) students in a class, it seems that the students are afraid to "fail" n front of their peers. And thus become sassy and too cool for school. I hope once the students settle in, we can get over the cool factor and focus on growing academically.

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