Monday, August 30, 2010

Life Goal: Carless 30 days & TV Free 30 days

I am mildly obsessed with creating lists and completing tasks. I developed my bucket list at some point in undergrad and have been tweaking it ever since. For the most part it has been pretty stable for the past year, with some late additions as. I'm faced with new potential opportunities.

Many of the things I'd like to do in life include traveling and attending unique events around the world. Some are simple, but push me out of my comfort zone. This month had two personal challenged built in with my living situation.
1) no television: no tv in bedrooms
2) no car/ use public transportation- since i still have California plates, I'd be asking for tickets trying to park in my neighborhood.

As of 8/28/10 I went 30 full days without watching televising. I've never been much of a tv watcher, but this also helped me think a our how much tv I'd want my children to watch. I defintely read ALOT more without the tv. i am already against having a television in my bedroom and I think if I were living on my own, I wouldn't bother with cable at all. it's not to say I don't enjoy some good trash television, but I think I'd rather invest in a good radio.

As of 8/31/10 I will have completed 29 3/4 days without my car. I have has a trusty corolla ('98 & '07) since I was 17. to go from always having the accessibility to drive where ever, whenever no matter the distance ( cross country or around the
corner because it's raining) to walking/biking/metro-ing 24/7 was a challenge. Every decision included a significant effort to go anywhere. I became a bag lady in order to prepare for metro delays or poor weather. While ice gained a significant amount of respect and knowledge for public transportation it did not grow on me as much as I had hoped. Not to mention that the metro system is not particularly cheap when I already own a fuel efficient car. I will continue to use the metro to work occasionally and to explore downtown dc. but to be able to drive to the grocery store is a luxury that I will appreciate much more now.

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