Monday, August 9, 2010

First Week in DC

Highlights from my first week in DC
-screen on the green (Monday)
-gambling with the rain gods & losing on my walk home from work (Thursday)
-happy hour @ banana cafe w/some new coworkers (Friday)
-dinner at Carmines (Friday)
-drinks & dancing at Fodo (Friday)
-white water tubing in west Virginia (Saturday) (life goal completed!)
-lounging on the mall reading the Sunday NY Times *
-meeting up with my new friend Jeff & wandering along the mall (Sunday)

* reading the Sunday times for 1 year is on my life goal list & I finally got a jump on it. While I am still struggling with living in limbo, I have been taking the time to knock off a few things from my life list
give up television for 1 month - day 11/30
read the Sunday NY times for 1 year - 1/52
read the bible- 17% complete
be car-less for 1month - day 8/30

I have also finally mapped out a fitness plan to get me back on track with running for RNR Virginia Beach & Marine Corps Marathon. hopefully the structure with training will help pass the time living in limbo quicker.


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