Thursday, August 19, 2010


After a good run on Sunday, I was determined to stay on track this week with running. Yet, Tuesday's morning run turned into "I'll run in the evening," which later turned into "I'll run tomorrow morning." In my defense, it was raining Wednesday, so I rearranged to run after work (again). I was fired up from my day and ended up talking my mom's ear off and by the time we got off the phone, it was time for me to meet Teri for dinner. I ended up staying up far too late and barely made it into work on time. Clearly a morning run was out of the question. I was finally able to turn it all around this evening. I got home from work, ate dinner, and took a power nap until 7:30. Eventually I rallied and ran to the Lincoln Memorial. I had a great run, I ran 5.64 miles with an average pace of 10:15. I am slowly but surely adjusting to the weather and getting back to my PR pace, a PR at Rock N Roll Virginia Beach may still be possible. The run was beautiful, but the bugs were awful. I kept running into swarms of gnats and kamikaze bomber by fireflies. I suppose that's just the price of doing business on the east coast.


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