Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Right Choice DC?

According to Maslow, all of my physiological needs are being met. Breathing, food, water, sleep, ect. However I feel uncertain in the "safety" category. it's not that I feel unsafe physically- but rather mentally. I have a temporary place to live, but it is not a home (thank you Carrie underwood-fisher) my current residence does not provide private bathrooms/showers, menu options, cable or Internet. it also prohibits boys & booze ( and I could very much so use a drink)

in many aspects I feel like it is a watered down rehab center ( it's not at all but I feel like I am having withdrawal from tv/Internet/personal interactions/and having a car) Also, although I've been hired & I have a job. I do not know what i am teaching this fall. which is causing me to feel very nervous about the upcoming school year & providing limited options on how to fix it.

while I am someone who thrived off randomness and spontaneity, it is a struggle to have the two biggest aspects of my life in limbo.

I suppose this is just a test or an exercise designed to help me let go a bit and embrace the madness but like any test- it still sucks.

I wish this entry was more "I am already settling in and I am 100% positive I made the right decision in moving to DC. but frankly, I'm not. and the next few months will be challenging as i find my way in a new city & new career. but I suppose "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

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