Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Day in San Diego

Today was my last day in San Diego; kind of hard to believe that this chapter in my life is coming to a close.  Jon picked me up around 11 and took me to MCRD where we rented a sailboat and headed out to the San Diego Bay.  We sailed out to the seals near the sub base and back.  We got sufficiently soaked. But it was awesome.  We went back to my apartment so I could get some dry clothes and headed over to the gun range near my apartment.  Jon taught me how to shoot his .22 which was a small manageable gun.  He also brought his .45 which had too much kickback for me. The gun totally freaked me out, so after one shot of the .45 I finished the rest of my rounds with the .22.  After the gun range we went to Rockin’ Baja for some margaritas and a final fish taco before I left.  We finished out the night by watching Hot Tub Time Machine.  Tomorrow will start my xc adventure towards Washington DC and my new life.  (yikes)

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