Monday, June 21, 2010

To DC I go (cont)

A lot has happened in the past month since my last blog post. But even more has happened in the past week. HR from Friendship Collegiate Academy called me requesting copies of my transcripts & wanted to set up a phone interview for 7/7/10. So after flying all night to Albany I struggled through staying awake in order to interview with Ms. L the special education coordinator for the school. The interview went great, we talked about the school and the students for about 45 minutes. I had such a positive feeling about the interview, but even I was surprised with Ms. L called me back a few minutes later to ask me to interview with the principal later that afternoon. So, I continued to stay awake and coherent throughout the day and called Ms. P. We had another awesome 45 minute conversation about the school and teaching and by the end of the conversation Ms. P was offering me a position with the school. I was and still am shocked. Apparently, I interview best when completely exhausted. Both Ms. P & Ms. L were hopeful that I would come down to DC later that week to check out the school and to meet some people.

So I did, after only being in Albany for 24 hours, I re boarded a plane and headed down to the greater DC area. I was able to navigate my way from BWI (Baltimore airport) to downtown DC where Teri and her Husband Ben met me. They were FANTASTIC last minute host who gave me a place to stay & a ride to the school in the morning.
Plus it was great to see Teri because it has been a long while...

The school was quite nice, nice facilities - good technology & a very friendly office staff. I am excited about this new opportunity. After meeting with Ms. L for a few minutes, I ventured back in DC and met my friend Brad for coffee. We had a good time hanging out for a bit before I then went to get finger printed to be cleared.

After a fairly successful day in the city, I hoped onto the metro to bring me back to the BWI airport. The bus from the greenbelt station to the airport was late so I ended up chatting with a guy for a bit. He ended up being on my same flight as me, so we became travel partners and attempted to board the earlier flight. We failed, so we ended up having some time to grab dinner at the restaurant in the airport & just hanging out until our flight finally arrived. It was a quick and painless flight back to Albany & we exchanged numbers with plans to do some mini golfing at a bar I read about in my Lonely Planet Washington DC.

The remaining of my weekend was an awesome celebration of Brit and Eric's love at their beautiful wedding.  It was so great to see so many Le Moyne kids, and to see Brittany so happy.

My flight back to SD was not as smooth as it could have been, when I got off in Chicago, I discovered that my flight from Chicago to SD was canceled due to mechanical problems.  The airline put me up at a Westin, definitely a step up from the Hampton that SW usually puts me in.  I did take the opportunity to dine alone in a restaurant t for the first time.  Usually, I will sit at the bar or simply order take out, but that night I sat right in the middle of the restaurant all by myself.  It was a bit awkward, but refreshing to just be able to sit and eat, and not have to think otherwise.  Another life goal accomplished!

This is all very exciting & it's hard to believe it is happening so quickly. I will be leaving San Diego on 7/25 and heading eastward.

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