Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Steps

I've made the first big step in decided to move out of San Diego. After ALOT of mind changing, I've decided on Washington DC. It seems like a very random choice to most people because

1. I'm not from there
2. I only know 3 or 4 people
3. It's not warm.
4. I don't like politics
5. It's not on the beach
6. Traffic Sucks

But, after comparing it to several other cities, the reason I've decided to relocate there is because:

1. It's only 6 hours from home ( yes I know 6 hours is long - but it's do-able for sure)
2. 3 major airports in the region (Baltimore,Dulles, and Reagan) allow for travel
3. winters aren't *that* bad. and when it does snow- no one knows what to do = snow day!!!
4. DC has a VERY large running community.
5. Virgina Beach & Raleigh are close-ish (both of which are home to VERY important friends of mine)
6. I don't really know anyone there.

Now Step 2 I'm on the hunt for a job.

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