Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life Goal: Complete a Marathon

I completed my first marathon in 2008.  I joined the Vavi marathon training club with Jessie.  I was good about making it to the Tuesdays and Saturday group runs, however I completely slacked when it came to running on my own.  I’m impressed that I was even able to increase my mileage like I did with such minimal running.  I ran the race with my friend Jeremy from my running club for the first 17-18 miles.  After that, we split up because I was feeling like garbage.  At about mile 20 I was spent.  I was running with my ipod so for every other song I ran/walked.  Once I got to mile 23 I just wanted to be done.  So I stopped walking and shuffled/ran to the finish line.  While I would like to improve my time, it was an awesome feeling to know that I had completed the marathon.  

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