Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Attend all professional athletic/sporting events: Baseball
October 1999
I still remember my first professional baseball game vividly.  My father had a connection at work who was a New York Yankee season ticket holder.  For whatever reason he couldn’t make it to a game and made a deal with my dad, these details I don’t totally remember, but suddenly my dad had tickets to the first playoff game between the Yankees and Red Soxs at Yankee stadium.   It was a complete treat since NYC is well over 2.5 hours away and it was a school night.  But regardless, my dad and I set out to the big apple to attend the game.  While we were making our way into the entrance, people around me began to get very excited and taking photos, as it turns out, I was standing near a Baldwin and didn’t even notice.  I may have gotten a photo myself, but it was on film and a while ago (October of 1999) so at this point its lost if it does exist.  The walk into the stadium was spectacular.  It was more amazing that I ever remember seeing on television (maybe it would be different now with HD and all that jazz) Our tickets were fantastic as well.  We were about 20 rows up from 3rd base.  It was a great game, the Red Sox and Yankees were tied up until the 10th inning when Bernie Williams hit a solo homerun in the 10th inning.  Unfortunately for my father and I, we did not get to witness the solo homerun or the actual victory.  My dad had made the executive decision that it was getting late and that we had to start the drive back up to Albany so we could make it to work/school the next day.  Despite leaving early, it was a fantastic experience.  ( I didn’t actually end up going to school the next day, my dad let me sleep in and stay home J)

I have since attended baseball games at Petco Park to watch the Padres while I was living in San Diego and Nationals Park to see The Washington Nationals here in DC.  While baseball games are always fun, none will ever compare to my first game.

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